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There can be many different reasons for a woman to consider having a breast augmentation. Each situation is unique and at Cosmos Clinic Canberra we understand this. We help you in every step of the process from start to long after your surgery.

Reasons to consider a Breast Augmentation

  • A breast augmentation can address many different issues.
  • Correcting asymmetrical breasts.
  • Replacing breast tissue that has disfigured or removed for cancer treatments.
  • Restoring your breasts after weight loss or pregnancy.
  • Improving breasts that are sagging.
  • Enhancing existing breasts of women who feel their breasts may be too small.

In each situation a breast augmentation can be a big boost to a woman’s self-esteem and overall enjoyment of life.

Which types of implants are used in a Breast Augmentation

At Cosmos Clinic, our doctors uses silicone Polyurethane foam implants. These implants are known as “Furry Brazilians”. The implants have cohesive gel inside which means that in the unlikely event that the implant ruptures, the silicone will stay in one spot which reduces the negative effect of a rupture. The name “Furry Brazilians” is due to the polyurethane foam coating of these silicone implants which feels like a soft fur. The advantage of these implants over many other forms is that this foam is incorporated into the body’s surrounding tissues. This means the implant will not rotate or drop and hence the risk of capsular contracture is much less.

Rapid Recovery Technique

Our doctors used a Rapid Recovery Technique which involves operating in a different and less-invasive way than the traditional breast implant surgery. This Rapid Recovery Technique means that patients can be out of the hospital and back to normal activities in the same day.

Shape of implants

The two main shaped of breast implants are either tear drop or round. At Cosmos Clinic, our doctors prefer the round shaped implants. This is because round breast implants will not alter the shape of your breasts if they were to rotate with time. However, both options are available. This is due to the different shapes and sizes of breasts. In some cases a tear drop shaped implant may be the better option. The doctors at Cosmos Clinic will guide you through this process when you come in for a consultation.

The two most common questions we get at Cosmos Clinic regarding side effects are, ‘Can I still breastfeed if I have breast implants?’ and ‘Will breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer?’
Firstly, there is no supporting evidence that breast implants effect a woman’s ability to breastfeed. There is also no evidence to suggest that breast implants will increase the risk of breast cancer.

Side effects of a Breast Augmentation

You can also still go for your regular breast cancer screening with breast implants without complications. Radiologists are trained to be able to detect breast cancer in any kind of breasts, including those with implants.

Price of a Breast Augmentation

The price of a breast augmentation will vary depending on each patients situation. At Cosmos the cost of Breast Implant Surgery starts from $7,990. This is inclusive of implants, all follow-up appointments, theatre costs and anaesthetics costs.

Things to consider

If you are thinking about undertaking a Breasts Augmentation, be sure to firstly check with your GP if it is safe to do so, especially in the event you are pregnant. Also try and live a healthy lifestyle. Patients which maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise are more likely to have a better recovery post surgery than those who don’t.

Your breast augmentation consultation can be undertaken at Cosmos Clinic Canberra. If you are too busy for a consultation feel free to send photos to receive your quote.
You can contact Cosmos Clinic Canberra for more information using our online form via email to or on 1300 138 797 to speak with a member of our friendly team.

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